Getting the Most Out of Your Nutrition- For Yourself and Your Family

Please come to our next PTO meeting on February 13th at 12:15 at the Little Silver Women’s Club. Our featured speaker is Kim Mazzella, General Manager, Nutritionist – Eastpointe Health & Fitness, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, who will guide us through ways to manage busy schedules and balanced meals. Discounted Blonde Shallot salads (vegetarian and chicken) are available to purchase, $7. Click Here to RSVP! Please go to the store to place your order.

Kim Mazzella, General Manager, Nutritionist – Eastpointe Health & Fitness, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

As the General Manager and Nutritionist for Eastpointe Health and Fitness, Kim works with members to ensure a balanced and integratedapproach to health. Kim graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in Foods and Nutrition. She is also a certified
personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine
(NASM.) Specializing in weight loss and sports nutrition, Kim has
worked with clients of all ages and fitness levels to ensure an appropriate caloric intake, address lifestyle concerns and increase energy
levels through a balanced diet. In addition to her formal education,
Kim has a number of certificates including her Precision Nutrition
Level 1 Nutrition certification as well as a Sports Nutrition from
International Sports Sciences Association. Kim also works as a health and wellness consultant for Humana and other companies delivering Webinars and classroom training on various Health and Wellness
topics including nutrition, exercise and health lifestyles. She is also a
contributing writer for a women’s how to guide for health/wellness and general empowerment.
In addition to her health and nutrition background, Kim spent 19 years working for Merrill Lynch in a variety of positions including Vice President of Human resources where she managed new
employee training and on-boarding. Kim is committed to helping her clients to achieve the results critical for health and wellness. Her
extensive background and experience in both exercise and nutrition
counseling provide a solid foundation for client success.

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