The PTO is proud to support our music teachers in their development of an Artist-in-Residence program. The goals of the program, according to Ms. Bennett and Ms. Brush, are to “bring a local, professional musician into the school to share their skills and perspectives with our student musicians. This experience will create enriching, memorable moments in our students’ lives, and will be an avenue for teaching core content through actively engaging students with a professional musician”.

Markham jazz students being led for by professional jazz guitarist, David O’Rourke, who gave them tips on how to improvise!

Markham percussion students to take a master class with professional percusstist, John Gronert! 

The PTO was happy to provide a first grade classroom with this library book shelf. It promotes reading by keeping the books organized and accessible!

Did you know…Physical activity is correlated with higher academic performance, better overall health, and improved behavior.  Studies have found that short bursts of movement in the classroom contribute to better on-task behavior, with the most improvement seen in children who were the least on-task initially. (1)  And offering changes in positions and movement opportunities throughout the day provide these short bursts of activity.

Students in Ms. Mullan’s class enjoying flexible seating options

As therapists and teachers, we know that a multi-sensory approach to learning contributes to better learning outcomes, attention, and behavior.  Research supports the idea that dynamic seating options can be used to improve attention in students. (2, 3)  Just as adults need to get up and take a walk or pace the room while we think and brainstorm, kids also need outlets for moving and fidgeting during the school day.

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The Little Silver PTO is happy to provide the funds to purchase six flexible seating stools for the Markham students.